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The Bronx Team

This is a group of people without any association with any dedicated body, working in an open, scientific and professional manner, covering the The Bronx, its past, current and future. This is a non-profit team.

The vast and interesting history with links to Sweden has been documented quite a bit. There are some loose ends and also some “guesstimates” more so than solid research. However, some good and solid work has also been performed. The aim of this group is to sift through what has been done and also expand on that work with verified information, as far as can be handled. After all, we are talking about 1639, when Jonas Bronck came to the USA!

The Bronx is a vibrant environment and has been the birthplace of many things with impact on societies around the world. We are documenting this as well. Some of these areas are:  Graffity, Hip-hop and much more ….

Our aim is to cover the most interesting history of The Bronx but also add its present and likely future. This is a strategic collaboration work by a group of international experts with a genuine interest in presentin all that The Bronx offers.

Göran Modig

Göran M bild 1Göran Modig has, since the late 1970’s, primarily been engaged in history. He has studied at Stockholm University, Uppsala University, Lund University and the Mid Sweden University in Härnösand. This has given him a solid education in history, ethnology and archive strategies plus information science. In his youth, he studied French in France. During his childhood he lived in Belgium and this has given him even broader language skills. Göran Modig has participated in the writing of several books and through editorial work but also in subject-oriented articles. Everything from foundries history to military history has been included.

Göran Modig has been employed at Eksjö museum and the project Eksjö 600 Years, where he was the manager for the historic project in the framework of the jubilee year celebrations. During that year three books were produced, a monument and a vast range of lectures. Through these experiences, he has become a popular lecturer and guide when historic travel trips or meetings are being arranged. Bus companies around Sweden often engage Göran for special guided tours in Sweden and Europe. He has also given courses on history through various educational associations. Göran Modig has also written some plays and screenplays for movies. Often it has been a matter of historical chronicle played by local theater company during the summer period.

In addition to his profession, Göran is active in regards to voluntary work for the cultural sector. He has been member for 10 years in the Albert Engström Society Board in Grisslehamn (city in Sweden) and is also their editor of their yearly book. Through the years, he has held several directorships and chairmanship in various cultural associations. Besides his research work in regards to various historical issues, he is also an avid genealogist. Together with his father, he worked his way through his own family but has also taken hold in other families as clean as experts. This work continues all the time. Göran Modig has also occasionally been active in politics and has served as a deputy in Gagnef’s Cultural Board and been the substitute member in Eksjö City Council. In his youth, he started the political youth associations in Saltsjöbaden and Gagnef (cities in Sweden).

Thomas L. Lagö

TLago bild 1BDr. Thomas Lagö is globally accomplished in the upper echelons of the sound and vibration area. Dr. Lagö has “4” Post Doctoral degrees in conflicting scientific disciplines and consults with organizations such as NASA, Rolls Royce, ABB, Volvo, SAAB, Scania, Boeing, Atlas Copco, TATA, Indian Navy, and many other world leading organizations. Dr. Lagö has implemented paradigm shifting technologies around the world and presents advanced classes to these companies to assist them in solving problems in advanced acoustic and vibration applications. He has more than 40 years of industrial experience and has worked for companies including Hewlett-Packard (today Agilent Technologies). Dr Lagö is a creative, enthusiastic, high-achieving executive with outstanding performance based on a solid education. Formerly, President and Chief Scientist of a $9 million leading USA sales company in the Sound & Vibration business. Prior responsibility reflects outstanding career growth and progress through various high-tech businesses, including European Product Line Manager for Hewlett Packard’s Dynamic Signal Analyzer Products, as well as multi functional responsibilities including sales and marketing, strategic planning, engineering, but also finance and human resource leadership. Dr. Lagö has a vast practical experience. Lagö teaches sound and vibration courses and applicable mitigation methods on an international basis and has given courses for and many international universities and expert groups. His practical experience is vast and he is very practically oriented despite his thorough theoretical education and experience. His solutions and courses have helped many teams better their environment and solve challenging problems without spending huge money. Dr Lagö has become a BINDT Fellow, (British Institute for Non-Destructive Testing) and he is the Industrial Chair for ISCM – The International Society for Condition Monitoring. Lagö is also involved in a number of other scientific organizations like IIAV, International Institute for Acoustics and Vibration and is also serving as a Board of Directors member for (current and past): SEM-IMAC (Society for Experimental Acoustics), SAE (Society for Automotive Engineering, NVC), ICSV (International Institute for Sound and Vibration), SVIB (Scandinavian Vibration Society). He is also an AES member and participates in multiple standardization groups for sound in concert halls, movie theatres and speaker systems. Lagö is author of more than 300 scientific papers, written multiple chapters in international textbooks and holds more than 25 patent/ patent applications and has received multiple awards. He has 2000+ international contacts on Linkedin and 10,600+ personal contacts in his CRM database.  For more information, visit his private home page: www.thomaslago.com

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