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Amsterdam 1623 (2)

Here we see a map from 1623. We’ve added some reference pointers. Red Light District needs no explanation. Louie de Geer’s palace is important in the history of Sweden. Jonas Bronck lived at Brouwergracht.   Teuntje, his wife lived on Korte Boomvartstraat. The two married separately at Niewe Keri. Central station is included as a point of orientation.

Jonas Bronck owned a house on Brouwergracht. Several houses are left today and it is possible that his house is still there.

BrouwergrachtBelow, we see a map of Amsterdam from the time when Jonas Bronck lived here. Brouwergracht is located to the right of the map, almost at the city gate as seen on the map.

Amsterdam karta 1600 2The ship “Brandt van Troy” was of the “Flute Vessel type” and was the most common type of boat on ships in the North Sea and the Baltic. This type of boat could unload large quantities of goods. The ship was about 38 meters long, and that most of this type was built at a shipyard in Amsterdam. When you see the painting on this page , one is struck by the tapered deck that is considerably smaller in area than at the water’s edge. The reason for it was the duty of the Baltic Sea as from 1577 was based on the tire size . Of course, then built a Dutch ship with minimal deck surface. The ship was built in kravellteknik which means that the tables do not overlap as clinker ships do. The ships require only a fraction of the number of crew members compared to the English ships. An exaggerated figure says that Holland possessed 10,000 merchant ships in the early 1600s. On them were working about 100 000 sailors. 55% of the ship that paid the duty in the Sound were Dutch and Jonas Brunck was probably not the only one with non-Dutch background.
Jonas Bronck was not skipper on the journey to America, but he was charterers

Brandt van Troy

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