It is difficult for us to understand The Bronx and its residents. Some parts are hard core criminals (South Bronx ), while some parts are expanding and attracting entrepreneurial activity. It is better if one understands that The Bronx actually has as many inhabitants as Stockholm. Some things and some people stand out more than usual. Here’s a potpourri of insights about The Bronx.

  • Yankee Stadium is here!
  • Hip hop was born here!
  • Robert Colgate lived here! And who was it? He made including toothpaste!
  • Edgar Allan Poe lived here! And who was it? Horror Shiver ‘s father!
  • Mark Twain lived here! And who was it?
  • Tom Sawyer’s father! Babe Ruth! Who was it? Base Bolls first big star! He name was George Herman and the team called the Yankees!
  • Jake LaMotta! Jake who? Raging Bull!
  • Tony Curtis lived here! Who was it? Actor whose real name was Bernie Schwartz and he gave the world knowledge in the Bronx dialect!
  • Even Herman Wouk was born here! Who was this? Authors, do you remember ” War winds ” that went to series TV with Robert Mitchum !
  • Did you know that the conductor Toscanini lived here!
  • Like Anne Bancroft whose real name was Anna Maria Italiano before she broke through as an actress!
  • General Colin Powell grew up on Kelly Street!
  • Those of you who like fashion appreciate perhaps Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren counted to Bronxites!
  • Among the fairly well-known politicians who have stayed in the Bronx counted John Adams (America’s second president), John F. Kennedy, U Thant, all lived at The Bronx for some time of their lives !
  • In addition, Robert Klein, actor.
  • Jennifer Lopez, actress!
  • Roberta Peters, opera singer and last but not least:
  • Bill Fingers! Who was it? He invented Batman but did hand over to Bob Kane!

There are lots of influential people who were born or lived for some time in the Bronx. I have heard that the banking firm Sachs must originate in the Bronx ! Maybe some of you know more or know more people.


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