Jonas Bronck’s Beer Company

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Jonas Bronck’s paradise was 500 acres between the Harlem and Aquehung rivers. Several centuries later the area came to be known as The Bronx. Jonas was a farmer by trade but like many of the early pilgrims Jonas brewed his own Ale on his farm and it is established that he was the first brewer outside New York City limits

Today The Bronck’s Beer Company continues Jonas’ tradition by bringing you quality Crafted Ales & Lagers brewed rich in flavor while celebrating the history of this fine Borough.

Represent The Bronx by drinking Bronck’s Beer. Owned and operated by 6th generation Bronx residents.

Be Proud of your Borough, Be Proud of your Beer.

We want our beer to be about The Bronx. The flavor, the look, the beer is all about The Bronx.”

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