Jonas Bronck’s Spirit

The Havsjö story
Bronck Spirit Folder_photoIn Swedish Highland’s national park, Havsjö is manufacturing this unique vodka. Jonas Bronck’s Spirit is  flavored using sap and leaves picked by hand from young, specially selected birch trees. The sap naturally contains of a variety of sugars and is rich in antioxidants. No need for adding coloring or chemicals! The vodka is being matured for at least  months before it gets bottled. It has a soft but rich  flavor and is best served chilled and enjoyed together with traditional Swedish food, or as a digestive, or a liqueur to round o a nice meal. Jonas Bronck’s Spirit has been served in our local restaurant for several years. It has been very popular and hence, a special edition of this birch  flavored vodka was released in Sweden in , with the name Höglandsbjörk – Highland Birch. As the success goes on, we are now launching the product as Jonas Bronck’s Spirit and entering the United States, just like Jonas Bronck did  years ago back in.

Enjoy the taste! Or as we say in Swedish – Skål!

JB Spirit Certificate cropped 1A unique flavor with a strong historical connection.
A stone’s throw from Komstad, where the farmer boy Jonas Bronck took his  rst steps, lies the scenic Havsjö. Here, the old custom endures of picking the leaves and draining the sap of springy young birches from which, with genuine craftsmanship, the Jonas Bronck’s spirit is made.

Jonas Bronck’s spirit, with its deep historical roots in Småland, Sweden is enjoyed as a snaps – an old tradition of the Swedish smorgasbord, during Easter festivities, crayfish parties and the Christmas Dinner. Jonas Bronck’s spirit is also enjoyable as a digestif or avec.

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The team behind Jonas Bronck’s Spirit is searching for partners and distributors in the USA. Do not miss this unique opportunity if this is your business!






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