Jonas Brunck (Bronck)

Jonas-Bronck-lysningsattest-2Perhaps the most important piece in the mystery Jonas Bronck (Brunk), is to determine his age. Via the Web Paper “Roots”, and in a letter from the village Bäckaby, opinions has been proposed that he must be at least ten years older than mentioned in other sources. It has been argued that his school or study years show this. At this time, studying at the schools was a privilege if you wanted to be a doctor, priest or lawyer. All other training took place within the guild or the profession they came to belong. Officers were of course excluded.

To put an end to this debate, we present below the Dutch text from the marriage certificate between Jonas Bronck and Teuntje Joriaens. We give some explanations:

Jonas Jonass Brunck,
van Coomstan (?), out 38 jaer, capteijn,
woonende op de Brouwergracht, overleggende acte vande
inteeckeninge onder de hant van Ruttens, notaris
publijcq, als copiesijne van sich te ondertrouwen
van hem met Teuntje Joriaens, wiens vader is
verschenen, genaemt Jeuriaen Reijndess, wonende
inde Corte Boomvwaarstraet.

Jonas Jonasson Bronck

As stated in the text, according to Jonas Bronck his age is 38 years. He is a captain and lives on Brouwergracht. The document has been prepared in 1638. Teuntje was staying at Korte Boomvartstraat where even her father Rijndess lived. Brouwergracht remain and some houses are left since Jonas Bronck’s time. Korte Boomvartstraat are long gone.


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