The Bronx 2 The Bronx 3Thomas Lagö was in The Bronx, New York in February 2014, and spoke at a Gala Dinner with, among others Donald Trump. More than 1000 people attended this very popular event. He told the attendees about his great project to build a golf course in The Bronx. It must be one of the world’s best, according to Donald Trump.
Messier 1

The old ice hockey profile Mark Messier also attended the gala dinner, and he talked about his huge project with an ice hockey arena with no less than seven rinks. Impressive! In the photo to the right, Mark Messier is talking at the podium and Thomas Lagö is sitting at front row together with some dignitaries from The Bronx. This was a very successful event and has been covered by media in Sweden, also via radio.


More to come!

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