Pieter Bronck

Pieter-Bronck-Lysningsattest-2Pieter Bronck is a rather mysterious person. He claims that he is born in 1616 in Jönköping, Sweden. Researchers have suggested that he could be a son or maybe a niece to Jonas Bronck. He could even be a cousin. He witnesses Jonas Bronck’s estate inventory in 1643 in Niewe Amsterdam. After this, he pops up again in Amsterdam in 1645 and gets married. The bride’s name is Hilletje Tyssinck. The certificate is depicted below. Later, he is found up the Hudson river in Fort Orange (current Albany). There, he runs a restaurant and brews beer. His financial situation is strained. Later, he buys some land from the Indians tribe Sisketas and Sachemoes at their village Koixhacking. This will later become Coxsackie. He is building the stone house in 1663-64 that still stands. Today, it is the local museum.
 We will seek more data in regards to Pieter Bronck but also follow his relatives and their activities in Coxsackie.
 Pieter gets two sons. The oldest one is Pieter, born in1647. However, he became pushed out by the family when he married the Indian Chief’s daughter. As of today, we know almost nothing about him. His younger daughter Jan (1652-1742) takes over the farm. Jan Bronck marries Commertje Leendertse Conyn that was daughter to Leendert Conyn. (Our assumption is that their name is Conijn. The letters IJ is read as I in Dutch and create a ”greek ij”. Still today, it is used. One example is ijs=ice cream. It is often written as Y with two dots over it.)
 Jan and hos wife gets 10 children. He becomes, apart from a farmer, also a lieutenant in the English army.

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