The Bronx History Team

The Bronx Team

This is a group of people without any association with any dedicated body, working in an open, scientific and professional manner, covering the The Bronx, its past, current and future. This is a non-profit team.

The vast and interesting history with links to Sweden has been documented quite a bit. There are some loose ends and also some “guesstimates” more so than solid research. However, some good and solid work has also been performed. The aim of this group is to sift through what has been done and also expand on that work with verified information, as far as can be handled. After all, we are talking about 1639, when Jonas Bronck came to the USA!

The Bronx is a vibrant environment and has been the birthplace of many things with impact on societies around the world. We are documenting this as well. Some of these areas are:  Graffity, Hip-hop and much more ….

Our aim is to cover the most interesting history of The Bronx but also add its present and likely future. This is a strategic collaboration work by a group of international experts with a genuine interest in presentin all that The Bronx offers.

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