The Jonas Bronck Mystery

A number of historians have engaged in solving the Jonas Bronck Mystery. He has been placed at the Faroe Islands, Norway and then in Denmark. Later research from 1970-1980 have, however, showed that he was born in Komstad, Småland, Sweden. His mother was born in Bäckaby that is located just outside Sävsjö but belongs to the Vetlanda municipality. Below, some references to work in regards to Jonas Bronck are listed:

Lloyd Ultan, (1993): The Bronx In The Frontier Era, From the Beginning to 1696. Written in collaboration with The Bronx County Historical Society. Kendall/Hunt publishing Company, Dubuque, Iowa.

We will shortly highlight the excellent work performed by Mr. Henry Renshult from Sävsjö. His important research in regards to documents from the early 1700 century is paramount. Without his work in documenting the families Brunck and Buller could not have been accomplished. (1998): Jonas Jonsson Brunk. Stencil. Hembygdssamlingen, Jönköping’s county library.

Elna Nilsson, a librarian from Sävsjö, wrote the popular science text that has received vast dissemination in the Sävsjö region. Hence, her work has established Jonas Bronck as a quite well known person in Sävsjö. (1986): Sävsjötraktens första amerikaemigranter. This is part of Sävsjö Hembygdsförenings yearly document from 1986, page 33–38. She also published ”Historien om Jonas Brunk” (The Jonas Bronck History), a popular science folder.

Brian G Andersson lives in The Bronx, New York, and has been their archivist. Through his vast efforts in regards to The Bronx and its history, we have documents that show the first years for the Jonas Bronck family in ”USA”, coming from Niewe in Amsterdam. Brian G Andersson is the USA expert on Jonas Bronck.

Bettenhausen, Bettina (1999): The Komstad son that gave name to The Bronx. Now, it is 400 years since Jonas Brunck was born outside Sävsjö.

SmålandsTidningen/VetlandaPosten, December 31, 1999, page 9. The article is based on an intervju with Lloyd Ultan.

Evjen, John O (1916): Scandinavian Immigrants in New York, 1630–74. Reprinted 1996. Clearfield Company Inc / Genealogical Publishing Co Inc. Baltimore, Maryland.

Professor Young, G V C: An Irish Historian. It was Lloyd Ultan that discovered errors in the ”Danish thread” and finally in 1989 proved that Jonas Bronck’s heritage is Swedish and from the Småland region. Even this research has its weaknesses and question marks and will be further investigated. Young did a family tree that we will publish later (1980): The Founder of The Bronx. The Mansk-Svenska Publishing Co. Ltd. Peel, Isle of Man.

We will publish more material that discusses the Jonas Bronck Mystery and if you have some, please contact us. We are interested in all ideas and material!

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